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The Austonian’s Definition of Luxury

A difficult word to define. Its meaning is relative and can be used to refer to almost anything, or nothing, depending on who you ask. Because the definition of luxury undergoes constant flux and depends very much on the user’s perspective, the term has become an inflationary and worn out label that is superfluously thrown around. At The Austonian, we don’t use luxury lightly, rather, we embody and encapsulate it. The Austonian represents the height of luxury living in downtown Austin – both literally and figuratively – in quality, price point, uniqueness, service and exclusivity.

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Thriving Nightlife in the Second Street District

The Austin-American Statesman recently profiled the nightlife of the Second Street District, the neighborhood The Austonian downtown luxury condominiums calls home. Since 2005, the district has been essential to the renaissance of downtown Austin, and over the past ten years the Second Street District has evolved into a go-to spot for shopping, dining and entertainment in Austin.

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Fitness in the New Year at The Austonian

With the new year upon us, it’s a great time to get a jump start on your resolutions for 2015, especially when it comes to being fit. As one of the fittest cities in the country, Austin makes the active lifestyle easy, accessible and fun, especially downtown. The area in and around The Austonian luxury condominiums is home to a variety of fitness options, from seasonal and annual events to trails and workout spaces that can be used year round.

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Austin Named a “Best Buy” City

Real estate in Austin continues to be a hot commodity in the New Year, as Austin was recently named the #1 “best buy” city for real estate in 2015 by a recent study released by Forbes.

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Austin’s Best Beer Bars, Wine Clubs, and Craft Cocktails

It’s never been a better time to be a lover of beer, wine, and spirits in Austin. Over the past few years, Austin has been gaining clout as a hub for craft beer, cocktails, and locally produced wine. Increasingly more bars, restaurants and stores throughout the city are offering finely crafted, niche drinks that are locally grown, brewed and prepared.

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