The Austonian’s Definition of Luxury

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A difficult word to define. Its meaning is relative and can be used to refer to almost anything, or nothing, depending on who you ask. Because the definition of luxury undergoes constant flux and depends very much on the user’s perspective, the term has become an inflationary and worn out label that is superfluously thrown around.

At The Austonian, we don’t use luxury lightly, rather, we embody and encapsulate it. The Austonian represents the height of luxury living in downtown Austin – both literally and figuratively – in quality, price point, uniqueness, service and exclusivity. The Austonian is one of the properties in Christie’s exclusive International Real Estate portfolio, which means we are in the company of some of the highest-end properties from around the world. Christie’s recently released their third annual Luxury Defined white paper, which captures the collective wisdom and insights from their global network of luxury real estate agents and specialists from the broader Christie’s luxury goods world, to shed light on what luxury real estate means in today’s world.

Many of these insights speak to the type of luxury available at The Austonian – and what sets us apart from the other real estate properties in downtown Austin claiming the term.

Luxury is experiential.

At The Austonian, life is about so much more than the four walls of your home, or the material possessions within it. While each of our units are breathtaking expressions of the individual homeowner, the building as a whole and the experience of living in the building is what makes living here luxurious. The lives of our residents are enriched by the building’s proximity to all the experiences available in downtown Austin, and the amenities within the building that are just as much a part of the home as the living room. Whether it’s a morning coffee at Café Medici downstairs, a night cap in the 10th-floor Lonestar Bar, or a work out in the 56th-floor Fitness Center with inspiring 360 degree views, The Austonian provides our homeowners a quality of life that cannot be experienced anywhere else in Austin.

Luxury is convenience.

At The Austonian, our goal is to make our residents’ lives as simple and convenient as possible. Many of our residents have downsized from large single-family homes to a unit at The Austonian because of the convenience of downtown living. In addition to close proximity to dining, entertainment, shopping and fitness, The Austonian also serves our residents’ needs with 24-hour personal concierge service, event planning and valet services. Our highly-trained team is dedicated to enhancing the luxury experience offered at The Austonian, and they are available around the clock to assist our residents with whatever their wants or needs, from picking up groceries and dinner reservations, to planning an event in the building. Whatever the desire, The Austonian team can deliver.

Luxury is ultimate privacy.

Privacy and exclusivity are two of the primary tenets of The Austonian. We want The Austonian to be a tranquil retreat for our residents, and we believe they deserve the utmost peace and privacy. We have systems in place to ensure that everything within The Austonian is reserved exclusively for residents’ use. Unlike The W, the Four Seasons and other downtown Austin properties, nothing inside The Austonian is available to non-residents, and visitors to the building must be expressly invited by a resident. The Austonian front desk is manned day and night, and elevator key fobs restrict access to different floors of the building. So, while residents of The Austonian live in the midst of the energy and activity of downtown Austin, they still have the exclusivity and privacy they desire and deserve.

Luxury is a blank canvas.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of the rare kind of luxury available within The Austonian is our residents’ ability to fully customize their high-rise home. In most urban projects, residents must work within a relatively small degree of personalization and customization – with the ability to select details and finishes, but having to operate within a relatively rigid framework. At The Austonian, homes in the upper floors of the building are available for residents to fully customize and make their own. Prospective buyers can select a white-box unit to create a unique home that reflects their individual style and needs, with their own design team, or one recommended by The Austonian. This ability to completely customize each unit is a rare treat in urban living, and offers a level of luxury that is unprecedented and unavailable anywhere else in the city.

Interested in learning more about the type of luxury available at The Austonian? Contact The Austonian Sales Team for information about available units, customization options, amenities and more at (512) 623-3633.