What to Expect When Buying at The Austonian

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The Austonian has a history of delivering true luxury to the Austin market, continuously refining the definition of, and approach to, luxury in downtown Austin. With an established reputation and a proven track record, The Austonian has cemented its place as the pinnacle of Austin’s luxury real estate market, earned from years of developing the ultimate resident experience. The Austonian continues to impress and distinguish itself in reputation, excellence, breathtaking views and the level of luxury available to its residents.

With the building now 96% sold out below the Summit Levels, space within The Austonian is at even more of a premium. The unveiling of the latest level of customization on the Summit and Penthouse levels represents the last chance for buyers to reserve their place at the most exclusive and sought
after address in Austin.

Currently, The Austonian is one of the few fully completed buildings with new units available for purchase right now. These units are at the zenith – offering unparalleled views, expansive square footages and the luxury of complete customization. The Austonian offers homeowners the unique freedom to create their own individually tailored home in the heart of the city.

These customizable Austonian homes – on the Summit and Penthouse levels of the building, Floors 41 to 54 – were designed to offer homeowners the rare opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind retreat, over 500 feet in the sky. From floor plans and layouts to finishes and furniture and everything in between, homeowners are purchasing a blank canvas that can be turned into the type of home suits their aesthetic and lifestyle. These units are located on the highest residential floors of the building, offering ultimate privacy, exclusivity and breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding Hill Country, ranging from 2,426 square feet to 16,376 square feet, and starting at $3.5 million. A potential resident is given the freedom to select a unit and to hire their own architect and/or designer to create their ideal custom home.

Gilded with over 40,000 square feet of unparalleled private amenities and the best staff in the business, new residents at The Austonian can expect a refined experience, with a staff that caters to resident’s wants and needs. From the hotel-style concierge, to the expansive tenth floor amenity spacesincluding the exclusive pool and the Lone Star Bar and Lounge— to the consistently lauded Congress Trio restaurants, bar and coffee shop on the ground floor, the best of luxury living is a daily part of Austonian residents lives. The 55th floor Austonian Club and the 56th floor Fitness Center are just a few floors away from home, which means that sunrise Yoga sessions, inspiring workouts with 360 degree, 56th floor views, and spaces for relaxing, entertaining or engaging with guests or neighbors, are just an elevator ride away.

Interested in experiencing The Austonian for yourself? Contact The Austonian Sales Team for information about available units, customization options, amenities and more at (512) 623-3633.