The Austonian Features Art Collection of Over 60 Local and Regional Artists throughout the Luxury Hi

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The public and amenity spaces at The Austonian downtown luxury condominiums are more than just places where residents can gather and socialize; instead, they’re direct extensions of each resident’s individual home. Just as The Lawn serves as an urban backyard for residents, and The Lonestar Bar doubles as an extended living or game room, the curated art collection adorning the walls of the public spaces of the building both accentuates and expands upon the private collections of residents of The Austonian. Totaling more than 100 pieces, The Austonian Art Collection speaks to the elegant and sophisticated sensibility of the luxury high rise, as well as the down-to-earth, creative spirit of Austin, Texas.

Each of the pieces in The Austonian Art Collection was hand-selected by San Antonio art consultant Karen Calvert, along with The Austonian Development Team. Over 60 local and regional artists were selected to be a part of the collection, which supports the local Austin art community, and highlights the city’s role as a hotbed of cultural innovation and creativity.

While all the pieces of The Austonian Art Collection work together to create a unified body of work that embodies the essence of The Austonian and Austin, the collection includes a wide variety of disparate media types and styles that range from the representational to the abstract. Some iconic artworks in the assemblage include oil paintings by Roi James, a collage by Lance Letscher, and a sculpture from Beverly Penn and Tom Orr.

Details of The Austonian Art Collection, and each of the artists within it, have been compiled into a catalogue that is gifted to all Austonian residents. All of the art photography in the catalogue was shot by Austin-based photographer Jonathan H. Jackson, who has done a significant amount of work for the building.