The Austonian: A History

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Since its arrival in 2010, The Austonian instantly became a recognizable icon in the Austin skyline; and as downtown Austin continues to grow and change, The Austonian maintains its presence as the tallest, most luxurious and exclusive all residential building in the city. As the first luxury high-rise in Austin, The Austonian has established a benchmark for upscale living that is yet to be matched. With spellbinding views, exceptional service and unparalleled exclusivity, The Austonian provides its residents with an experience of downtown Austin that is unlike any other, with more shared amenity square footages per residence than any other building in the city.

The Austonian’s journey began in 2006 when Benchmark Development and Grupo Villar Mir (Spain’s largest family-owned industrial group with a luxury portfolio on six continents) purchased a piece of land in the heart of the city. On it, they planned to break ground on something revolutionary—an iconic, fully residential condominium building, offering the Austin market their first foray into meticulously curated and exceptionally designed homes in downtown Austin. At the time, the idea was unheard of; downtown Austin wasn’t seen as a place for luxury condos, especially without an association to an established hotel brand. Today, residential buildings are sprinkled throughout the skyline, yet The Austonian continues to tower above them all, both in height and in luxury, as the proven example of exceptional living – gained and maintained over the past five years.

The vision for The Austonian was to create an exclusive downtown neighborhood – a densely and thoughtfully designed urban oasis, where residents could live both within and above the energetic pulse of the city, in close proximity to everything downtown Austin has to offer. Construction began in 2007, and as The Austonian began to rise, so did the public’s perceptions. As construction progressed, The Austonian celebrated milestones to prove their mettle to the Austin community, including ceremonies that marked the halfway point as well as the completion of the high-rise. Additional events gathered prominent Austin developers, press, and the public to tour the building, learn about the process, and generate excitement for the building’s future.

In 2010, the building was completed and, even in the midst of a recession, the market proved itself quickly. Concerns of oversaturation of the downtown condominium market evaporated as condos at The Austonian set a new standard for luxury, rapidly selling residences and ushering in a new era of downtown Austin. The Austonian earned numerous national and regional design awards, including the Austin Business Journal’s “Going Green Award,” McGraw-Hill Construction’s “Best of” Award in the Multi-Family Residential / Hospitality category, and a regional “Best of” Award from Texas Construction.

Overthe years, The Austonian has met and eclipsed the developer’s original vision for the project, becoming one of the most sought after neighborhoods in downtown. Residents of The Austonian enjoy more shared amenity square footages per residence than any other building in the city, building-wide events and activities, and a prime location in the heart of downtown Austin. In fact, The Austonian has delivered such a unique and tailored product that many residents have chosen to resell their original unit to purchase more custom residences higher in the building.

Throughout The Austonian’s lifetime, the building has demonstrated agility, allowing for shifts and changes in order to respond to the wants and needs of residents, potential buyers and the state of the downtown luxury market. As the lower floors of the building have sold out, The Austonian has increased the level of personalization and customization available to residents. Currently, potential buyers at The Austonian have the unique opportunity to completely customize their high-rise home. The Austonian is the only luxury high-rise to provide this level of personalization to its residents. The Summit and Penthouse levels of The Austonian (Floors 41-53) offer literal blank slates, where homeowners can leave their mark on the highest levels of the building, with designer-ready homes that can be completely customized from layouts and floorplans to finishes.

Interested in experiencing The Austonian for yourself, or learning more about customization at The Austonian? Contact The Austonian Sales Team for information about available units, customization options, amenities and more at (512) 623-3633.