The Art Collection at The Austonian

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Each of the amenity spaces at The Austonian – ranging from a dog grooming room, to a library, or the 55th-floor Austonian Club – were thoughtfully designed to be an extension of Austonian residents’ homes. From style and interior design to the artwork adorning the walls, the public spaces and the amenity areas at The Austonian speak to the essence of the building as a whole, and go beyond to reflect the well-appointed style Austonian residents impart to their homes. To this end, The Austonian spent years developing an extensive art collection to warm the walls of the building; thus setting the milieu of the luxury high-rise with over 100 pieces of art in styles ranging from the representational to the abstract.

The journey to create The Austonian art collection began in 2008 with the goal of embodying the elegance, aesthetic and sophistication of The Austonian while still upholding the creative spirit and the down-to-earth sensibility of Austin. What resulted was an extensive collection of over 100 pieces of work by more than 60 renowned artists from Austin and those with strong Texas roots, honed and selected by San Antonio art consultant Karen Calvert and The Austonian development team.

Virtually every piece of art in the building is situated where residents can engage with it on a regular basis – making the art, much like the amenity spaces, an integral part of residents’ daily lives. This positions The Austonian art collection as a natural extension of the art hanging in private homes throughout the building – giving residents the opportunity to develop meaningful and long-standing relationships with the artwork.

The work of artists displayed at The Austonian can be found in both private collections as well as permanent collections of highly-regarded museums, cultural institutions and businesses across the country. It is a contemporary art collection encompassing a variety of media including painting, sculpture, mixed media, glass, ceramics, photography and works on paper.

Information and photographs of artwork hanging at The Austonian is also available online in a catalogue shot by Austin-based photographer Jonathan H. Jackson.