Green Living at The Austonian

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The Austonian is located on one-third of a city block in downtown Austin, offering 171 high-end, custom residences on less than three-quarters of an acre. By building upward instead of outward, The Austonian offers more homes in a smaller space, cutting down on the environmental impact, construction materials and water usage of the building when compared to a sprawling suburban neighborhood.

In fact, due to the building’s sustainable design, The Austonian saves 33.2 million gallons of water each year in landscape watering alone. The Austonian incorporates low-water, drought-tolerant plants in the landscaping on the 10th-floor Lawn and green roof terrace, which also features a high-efficiency irrigation system that uses reclaimed water from the building’s HVAC system.

From an architectural perspective, the exterior shape of The Austonian enables the high rise tower to fit into the smallest available space – which cuts down on the building’s footprint. Additionally, many of the building’s architectural features expand upon and speak to The Austonian’s sustainability. For example, The Austonian features specially coated and insulated glass-clad walls with a low-E coating, which offers year-round energy savings and comfort for residents by helping manage the sun’s energy and by maximizing HVAC efficiency systems. Additionally, all adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings used throughout the building adhere to low VOC requirements.

From building design, to low-water landscaping and irrigation, The Austonian offers sustainable, luxury living in the heart of downtown Austin. And, with access to multiple modes of transportation, residents of The Austonian can focus their personal energy on having fun and being active in the city, and can rest easy knowing that they live in a building that is sustainable, green and conscious of the environment.