Four-Legged Luxury Living

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Residents of The Austonian luxury condominiums can expect a wide variety of luxury services, and The Austonian’s four-legged residents are no exception. Austin is consistently ranked among the most pet-friendly cities in the country, so we’ve made sure to put services and amenities in place to support this dog- and cat-loving lifestyle, even in the heart of downtown.

On the 10th floor of the building, The Austonian’s special 600 square foot dog park is a convenient place for residents’ dogs to take care of business without having to make the trek all the way out of the building to the ground floor. This synthetic-grass area compliments the 10th floor Lawn space, and it is equipped with a sanitary drainage system to keep the space clean and pristine. The dog park is also a great place for your pups to get a little exercise while still being right at home.

Adjacent to the dog park is the dog grooming salon, which includes raised bathing areas and grooming supplies for resident use. Residents can schedule a grooming session in-house with one of the building’s preferred grooming partners, or they can arrange for their own providers to come to the building. Additionally, The Austonian concierge staff can manage the scheduling of both grooming and veterinary appointments, as well as arranging for transportation to and from The Austonian. The urban cats and dogs that reside at The Austonian can expect truly top-notch treatment, second only to the treatment afforded their owners.