Custom Designed Homes at The Austonian

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The Austonian has a reputation of exclusivity and luxury with the unique ability to accommodate homebuyers’ desires. This reputation has been earned over the years by continuing to offer upscale residences that have yet to see their match. Unlike any other project in the city, The Austonian offers its homeowners the rare opportunity to create custom high-rise homes. Pair this with extensive amenities and exceptional services, and it is easy to see why The Austonian is the benchmark for downtown luxury living in downtown Austin.

The Summit and Penthouse levels of the building (Floors 41-53) are the highest floors in the building, offering matchless views of the surrounding city and Hill Country. These homes are uniquely offered as blank slates – available for residents to make their own, with everything from floorplans to finishes available for customization. With only thirteen designer-ready units currently available, as well as three penthouses, these bespoke condominiums represent the height of the luxury market in Austin.

Residents of these units can select a designer of their choosing to assist with the creation of a one-of-a-kind home, or they can work with one of the premiere designers who have experience creating custom homes within the building. Bravo Interior Design, GREER Interior Design and Ryan Street & Associates are all intimately familiar with The Austonian, and have employed their imaginations and expertise to design stunning spaces within the building that are tailored to their clients’ individual styles and tastes.

Ryan Street & Associates

With a background in single-family custom homes as well as large-scale resort-style communities, renowned Austin designer Ryan Street has created stunningly beautiful spaces for clients throughout the city, country and abroad. In The Austonian, Ryan Street & Associates has designed a number of units on the upper-level floors of the building, including the recently sold unit 34M. Street’s inspiration for this residence originated from The Carlyle Hotel in New York City as well as the Beaux Arts architectural movement. He has adapted his Neo-Classical style to suit the high-rise environment by introducing a variety of fixtures and finishes that give each of his floorplans a distinct feel and a unique appeal.

By using an individual unit as a canvas and inspiration, Street creates one-of-a-kind homes that speak to their location, views and individual features – with design styles that range from modern to classical depending on the client’s taste – all with elements of timeless luxury.

GREER Interior Design

Lindsay Maki and Jennifer Hartmann-Greer of GREER Interior Design have been a part of The Austonian since the building’s inception; in fact, they were an instrumental part of the team that designed the public spaces and model homes in the building. Beyond The Austonian, GREER has extensive urban design experience, with a track record of creating breathtaking high-rise homes across the country, including Chicago, New York and San Francisco. In The Austonian, Hartmann and Maki began with the careful curation of a variety of design palettes, each curated to appeal to different aesthetics and lifestyles. From there, they incorporated high-end appliances, features and finishes, giving each unit a very distinct feel while still maintaining the high standards throughout. Using their expertise in the intricacies of urban design, GREER has created proportionate, cohesive units that highlight the building’s unique architectural features and have all the appeal of a custom tailored and well-appointed home.

Bravo Interior Design

Bravo Interior Design’s philosophy stems from the belief that interior design begins with architecture. They took this philosophy to practice in the custom units they have designed in The Austonian, starting with precisely arranged floorplans tailored to their clients’ needs. David Bravo and his team carefully craft each detail from blueprint to finish out to ensure that each home is full of intentionality at every level. As with Ryan Street and GREER, The Austonian has provided Bravo with an unprecedented level of freedom in their design choices, like the ability to move walls and adjusting floorplans in order to maximize the wrap-around views of the building and to give their clients the perfect space for their individual lifestyles.

While each of these designers have created custom homes within The Austonian, the building now facilitates the creation of even more custom homes within the building, on the Summit and Penthouse levels. These designer-ready units offer blank canvases for Ryan Street, Greer, Bravo or a designer of your choice to create a high-end, luxurious high-rise home. With some of the most expansive square footages in the building, these units offer any designer a unique challenge and an opportunity. Whether you choose to work with one of the designers that already have experience in the building or bring in your own preferred designer, each home in these levels is ready to be completely customized.

Interested in experiencing The Austonian for yourself? Contact The Austonian Sales Team for information about available units, customization options, amenities and more at (512) 623-3633.