Building Relationships: Stuart Tyrell on Managing the Austonian

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High rise living is about so much more than the four walls of one’s home. And while residents of The Austonian enjoy some of the most breathtaking homes in the city, overlooking downtown Austin and Lady Bird Lake, there are so many other amenities available within the building that make life at The Austonian more complete. Residents of The Austonian enjoy access to a number of state-of-the-art amenities– such as the 56th floor Fitness Center, The Austonian Club, and the 10th floor Lawn – along with an unprecedented level of service provided by The Austonian Management and Resident Services teams. The Austonian’s General Manager, Stuart Tyrrell, and his team work around-the-clock to provide residents of The Austonian with a tailored experience and personal service – taking every effort to ensure Austonian residents’ lives are seamless and special.

Stuart Tyrrell came to The Austonian last summer with over 20 years of experience in luxury and resort management from a number of country clubs around the state of Florida. The Austonian is Tyrrell’s first foray into high rise management, but his professional background has provided him with the skills and expertise to provide the highest level of luxury and service to residents of The Austonian. After a year in the building, Tyrrell has made his impact on The Austonian. In addition to coordinating with and meeting the needs of The Austonian residents, the building’s staff, vendors, and the construction process, Tyrrell prioritizes building relationships and making a difference in the building and residents’ everyday lives. As he put it, his job at The Austonian is about making things better than they were the day before: “It’s not just about showing up and punching a clock, but feeling like you’re making a difference.”

For his residents, that difference is apparent. Since Tyrrell began his duties as manager last July, he has dedicated himself to establishing a personal familiarity with The Austonian residents’ expectations and needs. Knowing whether residents would prefer to pick up their own dry cleaning or have it delivered directly to their closet, for example, or whether they like valet parking or to self-park—for Tyrrell it’s all a part of making those connections: “We can be as formal or as casual as you want us to be, it’s up to you.” To further get to know the exact needs of his residents, as well as to introduce them to The Austonian lifestyle, Tyrrell has initiated new resident orientations where he spends time getting to know new residents – who they are, where they come from, their interests and passions – to provide them with personally-tailored service. “When you’re involved in people’s homes, in people’s lives and where they spend their time, it doesn’t get more personal than that.”

Besides building relationships with his residents, Tyrrell has built a relationship with his city as well. Having completed his first year in Austin, Tyrrell finally feels that he is at home: “I think it really takes a year to adjust and understand the town and the job, and to feel like you’re in the game.” More an Austinite each day, Tyrrell takes full advantage of the Austin lifestyle, spending his time biking the trails or paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake. Tyrrell believes that being in-tune with the city’s history, environment, and current events helps him provide an even greater level of service to residents and to make better decisions based on that knowledge.

Now that he’s fully adapted to the culture of Austin, Tyrrell is focused on building the culture of The Austonian itself: “It’s exciting being involved in the formation of that culture, of the living thing The Austonian is.” He has been impressed with the quality and the character of the residents that have moved in within the past year, and looks forward to seeing how the future-residents of the remaining homes yet to be sold will mesh with and enhance the current community within the building. More than that, he is working toward establishing the character of The Austonian within the fabric of Austin as whole, helping it carve out its own niche in the market and the community. The changing landscape downtown offers a huge possibility to develop the area’s personality – and with Tyrrell at the reins, this community is in good hands.